Day 25    

  My God, she'd simply filled her table with an amazing array of things to nibble on:
surimi on thinly sliced bread
some kind of potato crisps in a round shape
fresh radish's
bread with paté and cornichon to follow it

Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak

Nicole's boyfriend, Yves
Camera: Nikon   film: Fuji
Nicole's boyfriend, Yves
   To top it all off she brought our Escargot de Nicole, roquefort mixed with butter that's rolled up in a slice of ham and sliced to look like a snail.

  She poured a bit of Kir into each glass and then the cidre that her friends had made. Talk about a deadly combination!

     But that's not all, next she put out plates with bowls in the center, spoons and brought out a big bowl of fresh strawberries that had been soaking in red wine. Take a look at the Recipe section if you want to know how she made any of her specialties. >>

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