Day 24    

   After tea it was time to hop a bus to Anne-Laure's where Nelly picks up the gift for little Jean-Sebastian and then another bus to visit Sebastien, Edwidge and little Jean-Sebastien who'll be 2 years old June the 16th.

   Sebastian had taken a vacation in a monestary where they made various things to eat and he gave us a can of paté de daim, made from a male deer. Edwidge couldn't eat it since she'd seen Bambi and I think you know what that story is about.
Skating is all the rage

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   They also gave us a jam from the Abbyé. They're so nice, so generous and Sebastien insisted on giving us a ride downtown so we all piled into his car.
   We swung by the building where Thierry is staying, he wasn't home so we walked to a phone booth just outside the City Hall for the 4th and gave him a call on his portable or be-bop (cell phone). 

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