Day 24    

Victoria, what a joy to meet
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  We had a great visit, I took some good portraits of her and she invited us to come to their house when we return a few weeks later to have dinner. I hope we can make it so I can take some more portraits and meet the rest of the clan, she was such a joy to meet.

   An interesting thing about the hours she's working. France passed a law which will soon become reality, forcing employers a 35 hour week for 39 hours of pay. Some people like Victoria are exempt, but then if the inspector finds your people have been working too long, then there are hefty fines for such things.

   What struck me is that everybody thought that the 35 hour work week was a stupid idea but they couldn't wait till arrived. Just one of those little things that help to make up the French paradox.

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