Day 23    

   The other week we were waiting to meet Elizabeth at a train station when I saw a group of about 8 soldiers slowly walking around with assault rifles.
   The thing is, the soldiers aren't allowed to have any bullets, but the cop probably has some in his pistol.


Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  From watching them the order of the day seems to be that they always have to have one hand on the pistol grip of their weapon, but then they don't have any bullets. No wonder they look so bored.

   Hmm, that's interesting I thought, so I asked a few people about it and here's the truth.
   Just now France has conscription and the guys guarding the rail stations are the young guys who were unlucky enough to have a birthday before conscription ends.

There's a group of soldiers and they're always accompanied by a cop.
   I suppose if a terrorist did try something funny one of them would run up and scream at him while the other 7 pulled out their cell phones to call their girlfriends and say: " I could be killed any minute, but I want you to know that I'll never forget that night on the coast. " Assault weapons with no bullets, go figure. Two cranky old ladies could kick their ass by feeding them day old brownies with no milk. >>

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