Day 23: 68F/20C predicted    

   We walked around Chatou and found the Laundromat amongst other things. Odd thing about the suburbs, most people have their own washing machines and if you ask, residents might not even be able to tell you where the Laundromat is. Just one of the few ways that the suburbs differ from Paris itself.

   Next we went into Paris for a little shopping, a baguette and some wine in Nuielly, but almost everything was closed because of the National holiday.
Your friendly Parisian tatoo shop
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   Later we met Anne-Laure in the Metro, we all rode the RER to Chatou for dinner and had:
Baked fish with herbed cream sauce
Rice / riz
Vin rouge

  Another success with my fish. Anne-Laure is a vegetarian, she will sometimes eat fish and she thoroughly enjoyed dinner.


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