Day 22    

   For lunch I make my baked fish with a cream sauce and get the highest compliment that anyone can get from a Frenchman, that my sauce is very good and Thierry even asks for the recipe.

   After lunch he breaks off a piece of baguette and cleans his plate and then dips into what's left in the baking dish. Always a good sign! (just ask if you want the recipe)
A simple building

Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji

   Since it's Saturday we go into town to pick up some film and do our grocery shopping because everything is closed on Sunday and Monday is a holiday. Certain months are filled with National holidays so there's 3 and 4 day weekends all over the place.
  Great stuff if you're going on vacation and a Living Hell if you're trying to buy something because everything but cafés are closed. Look at the Paris Essentials section for the list of National Holidays.

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