Day 22 in Chatou : 62F/17C predicted  

   I wake up late and have my bowls of coffee. It wasn't long before Thierry arrives and he takes Nelly out for a little shopping. They pick up a Maroille cheese, 190 grams runs 12.45 Francs and it's very good although there's some folks who won't even touch it, thinking that it's too strong.
  When they came back they told me that a car demo for the Swatch Smart is being done in town so I walked a little bit for some pictures and to get a test ride.

  An interesting thing that, what scares the French and one of them is a strong smelling cheese. They'll enjoy eating it, cooking it, they'll lust after it but they'll put it out on the window ledge because it smells too strong.
The "Smart Car"

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

Storing cheese outside in the heat

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  It is an interesting city car. Looking at ads though, if you spend $2K USD more then you can get a real car. Needless to say they haven't been selling too well and might stop making them if things don't pick up soon.

  Hell, put any dairy products on a window ledge for 3 days in 75F degree heat and it'll either smell strong or kill ya.

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