Day 21    

   For example, an American who moved here 6 months ago does her minimal share of trading email and participating in online discussions and her charges for 2 months are 2000 Francs or over $150 USD per month. That's for only the basics.
Free use of the Minitel
Free use of the Minitel in a Post Office.
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   The contradiction is that they set up Minitel. With free terminals for folks and per minute charges, France was the first nation that I know of to have a 33% penetration for any kind of online service. Not too shabby.

   Now they still want those per minute profits and evidently don't care if the resources of the entire world are too expensive for anyone to use.
   In general France is a few years behind the North America in Web technology, household penetration and if the fee's remain as high as they are now, the State monopoly will drill the Republic right into The Dark Reaches of the Information Age. Of course the trick is to get a valid email address from a French citizen first. >>

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