Day 21    

  At one point in the conversation he dismissed people's attitude that the French don't understand the Internet because to him the reality was that it was just too darn expensive due to France Telecom, which it is.
   When I mentioned that I help answer people's questions on Usenet he asked " What's a newsgroup? " .
   I'll tell ya though, he hit the nail right on the head about the costs.

  In fact France Telecom is to blame for holding back an entire nation for the simple reason that they charge for each and every call, local or long distance. If you call a local modem you're still paying France Telecom by the minute.

   When he gave me his email address he thought it began with "www" like a URL. Although the pocket book is the first thing that anyone would understand it was interesting to see someone dismiss the attitude that the French don't understand the Net and then be unable to write their own email address.

  I'm paying France Telecom and surcharges of $4 USD an hour which makes for a monthly bill of about $200 USD.

   France Telecom is a monopoly and it's short term greed is keeping the entire Net out of reach for an entire nation.

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