Day 21    

   When we arrived we were greeted by Isabelles boyfriend Michael and her sister Nathalie.

The menu for tonight included:
Chevre filled puff pastry (if you want the recipe then send Feedback)
Baked pork loin and onions with a lemon sauce
Apple crumble for dessert
   I had no idea what was being said but at one point it occurred to me I should just turn and say to him: " It's simple, you're wrong" but I held my tongue because I'm sure it's something he'll discover in a few years.

Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak

   Michael has a nice computer that he uses to make music. He's also the first guy in Paris with the idea of having a techno Bus Party that goes from café to café with DJ's. The Bus Party has gotten some good press in different magazines because even for Paris it's the first of it's kind. >>

  It wasn't long before a passionate debate ensued in French and I just backed off my stool, sat back on the futon, and watched things happen.

   Basically Michael took one position, Nelly and Nathalie took another, Isabelle watched quietly and they all made their common perception of things clear to him.

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