Day 21: 73F/23C predicted    

   Today we got our train tickets to visit the North of France and then dropped off some film so I can get it back before the long weekend holiday.

   National Holidays in France are great if you work there or want to enjoy a more relaxed pace.
   It's not uncommon to see young couples walking in park, the guy has his cell phone in one hand and his girlfriend in the other. Mind you, he's not talking on his phone but he's ready to. Maybe more ready with his phone than with the girlfriend, I don't know and I don't want to.

   But if you want to avoid various closures that might effect your business or vacation plans then check the Paris Essentials for the complete list. Some months are just jam packed with 3 and 4 day weekends.
   The worst case to date was outside the Louvre. I saw a guy roller skating, looking at the ground, with his young son in one hand and his cell phone in the other.

   Today it's hot, we went by Pere Lachaise but it's closed so we rode bus 69 to the end of the line and back, a cheap tour all for the price of bus ticket.

  Paris is Cell phone crazy...
   Tonight we're invited to have dinner at Isabelle's and we buy a cake to bring for dessert. The woman says that she'll take 6 Francs off the price since it's late in the day but the cashier charges the full price of 59 Francs. You have to keep a clear eye on things. >>

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