Day 20    

   There is one thing I should mention when you're visiting friends or run into some people who invite you somewhere. There's two important questions you need to ask when someone tells you " It's not far from here ".

1) How far in distance?
2) How far in time?
   In many respects the French regard time as a bubble and not a line, so be careful that you don't end up walking for 2 hours only to miss that memorable sunset instead of being there to actually see and enjoy it.

   Believe me, they'll invite you to something spectacular and it will be.

   The walking time and speed that's comfortable for them might be quite different then what you're used to. What's not far for them could actually be quite some distance.

   The key question I've found is "How far in time".
   But they'll stop to look in every shop window, call 4 people, start picking herbs that they find, have a drink with their friend at a cafe', all manor of things before you actually walk the 5 km's to get where it is you're going.

   So, " how far in time? " is the question of the day.

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