Day 20    

   Then it was back for some shopping in Chatou, a demi baguette and Boudin Noir from the local butcher, like a bratwurst but dark because it's made with blood.

   Dinner was the Boudin Noir with sautéed apples, followed by 2 cheeses with bread and fresh cantaloupe.
   The trailer for "The Matrix" was interesting because I could swear the URL for France is and not as it is in the US. Funny thing is, doesn't show up in any Whois so I think the ad agency kind of shot the gun.

   There was only one problem with the Boudin Noir, since we bought it in a suburb it wasn't spanking fresh and didn't really have that amazing taste that you'd enjoy. I'm sure if you buy it in Paris from a butcher, then it'll be absoluty fresh and you'll really enjoy your dinner.
   The show had the usual ads before the movie along with a credit in the lower right hand corner for the advertising agency that created the campaign. Having worked with ad agencies and graphic designers that was nice to see that they at least get some kind credit.

   After dinner we took the train to Les Halles to meet Anne-Laure and see the movie "Arlington Road".
   It was in a multi-plex and the films have "VO" below the title for each room which is something you need to know about.

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