Day 19    

   We were a little late to meet her and found Bertrand waiting for us. We hung out, waiting for Laurence but she didn't show so I gave Nelly my Telecarte so she could call Laurence on her cell phone.

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   Bertrand and I were talking, doing some catching up and admiring the new Audi parked across the street.

   Italians as a lot are great people, it's just that when you run into an entire bus load who are using the phones at the same time, then things get interesting.

   Nelly found a trio of public telephones and a long line of Italian tourists who were all calling home.
   First she tried French and that brought nothing but a confused expression to their faces. So it was time to drop into English, that they understood and she got ahold of Laurence. There was only one problem.

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