Day 18    

   After eating we walked across the Pont des Arts to see the sculpture show. The Pont des Arts is special in itself because it's the only pedestrian bridge in the city, but it was host to a show of larger than life sculptures about Custer's Last Stand.
   There was a huge crowd and everyone was almost silent. Pausing, looking, commenting, pointing, photographing. It was great.

   The show was amazing, it was beautiful but to my eye, it was the people who were the star attraction.
   After the show we stopped to do some quick shopping at La Defense for some meat, cantaloupe sorbet and my favorite, some Danette dark chocolate yogurt!

Crowds viewing the show 
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
   Then it was back to Chatou with the rush hour crowd and 3 cell phones ringing in the RER car, then it was back home for a little to eat: coffee, yogurt and some sorbet for dinner.  >>

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