Day 18    

   We had two sandwich's, one with fries, the other without. Sitting down inside ran 59 F rather than 46 F for the sandwich's to go. They'll charge you a little bit more for table service, whereas getting it to go is the posted price.
   You can have it with Salade or lettuce, a choice of white sauce or a spicy red sauce and with or without fries. If you order fries don't be surprised if they're fresh and piled right on top of the sandwich.

   Exactly what is a Sandwich Grec or a Greek Sandwich. Simply put, it's a gut bomb that's a vegaterian's worst nightmare.
   But here's the deal, it's a big, solid meal that'll let you keep walking for hours on end and you can find them for around 5 bucks.

   All over Paris you'll see a "Sandwich Grec" sign, tiny little places with a spit of lamb slowly turning and roasting. Someone's Uncle is probably baking the fresh bread and they're nice, little family run shops.
   Everything is fresh, it's all hand made and in my book it beats McDonalds anyday.

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