Day 18    

   In Paris my debit card worked just fine at a BNP branch ATM. The screen offered at least 5 different languages but no exchange rate was on the receipt, which you have to ask for.
The EuroStar train
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
   We paid for the rental car we're picking up in Lyon. We're getting a Renault Twingo for 9 days with unlimited mileage, loaded up with all kinds of insurance because I might decide to roll all the windows down and take it through a car wash or something.
   Nelly remembered rue Mouffetard, a street that's the perfect place to have a Sandwich Grec but there's only 2 places left, most have been converted to creperie's. But the Sandwich Grec is something you need to know about if you're used to American portions or traveling with a teenager.

   While at the agency a young guy came in, and in broken English he asked for the cheapest one way ticket to London which was by bus. But it turned out that he was a student and could get an even cheaper fare on the Eurostar for 240 Francs, about 40 bucks, not bad at all.

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