Day 16    

   Near the RER station I got some fougasse. They're much more substantial than then the Italian ones I'm used to in the US. Two pieces for two people, that alone was a complete dinner and more.
Chateau de Saint Germain en Laye

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   We took the RER only 3 stops down the line to see Chateau de Saint Germain en Laye, from the Renaissance, where Louis XIV was born.

   Going home were two Dad's with their little girls holding Minnie the Mouse balloons, EuroDisney is at the other end of this RER line.
Across the street from the castle we had a drink in a café and there were some amusing translations on the menu:

Complete toast = whole grain toast
Welsh rarebit = grilled cheese sandwich with ham
Crescent = croissant
Salad = lettuce in a sandwich

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