Day 16: 62F/17C predicted    

   Today we move outside of Paris to Chatou, City of the Impressionists. Our friend Thierry was living in Paris itself, he was selling his apartment in the suburbs and was nice enough to loan it to us for 2 weeks before all the real estate paperwork was done.
City of the Impressionists

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   We left Anne-Laure's which meant me taking the suitcases down 3 flights of stairs and going back up for the camera bag and laptop.

   Nelly's suitcase is larger than mine and if it was empty, mine would fit inside.
   We dragged everything down into the Metro. Remember, travel light because being met at one airport and then the other one, going from car to plane and back into a car is a real luxury that doesn't translate too well into Metro transfers, down stairs, through long tunnels and up more stairs.

   She was nice enough to pack both of them before leaving Seattle but at the airport I couldn't figure out why or how mine weighed more than larger one.
   We transferred from the Metro to the RER and rode the train for 15 minutes to Chatou.  >>

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