Day 15    

   We stopped at Laduree nearby to try the macarons in both praline and raspberry flavors for 18 F each. Completely unlike an American macaroon these are two baked "sandwich's" with a flavor filling inside and worth a try when you see some that are fresh.
Just off of Concord is Laduree, for pastries
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   Next it was off to see the newest Metro line built in about 60 years, Line 14.
   Now I have to admit, I'm easy to impress because Seattle has no Metro or subway (and probably never will) and I was dazzled by the Paris Metro when I was 12 years old, but this was something else.
  I think there's been generations of young men, from various parts of the world who've grown up dreaming of becoming a Metro driver.

   So what do they do? They all sit at the front when riding Line 14 looking out the window.

   With no drivers and fully automatic trains, there's a large front window so you can see straignt down the tunnel, which of course leads to a theory of mine.
Yes siree, the front of any carriage of Line 14 is a seething, teeming, cauldron of hetrosexual testosterone, just waiting to see a kind smile.

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