Day 15: 64F/18C predicted    

  I found the strangest thing in a Monoprix, croissants in a tube as if from the Pillsbury doughboy. With 4 large croissants in a short tube and a small jar of apricot jam, we'll see just how good they are or if they're disgusting. Leave it to an American to instantly spot packaged food in the supermarket.
   I was telling Isabelle about them and she said that eating them was something she remembered from her childhood so they've been around for 20 years or so.

Croissants in a tube

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
Hot, butter melting industrial food
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
   They're ok for industrial food. If anything you'll like 'em because they're hot and fresh from the oven, your butter will melt right away and that's a bit of a joy in itself.
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