Day 14    

   There is one thing that most visitors miss. Most people usually see the Eiffel Tower but don't know about the playgrounds to each side of it, as you face the Seine.

   You can take your own kids to play on the slides, climbing apparatus and have a seat in the sun with the Eiffel Tower just peeking over your shoulder.
Sit in the sun, watch the kids. Enjoy the view.

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   We took little Richard home, he and Camille ate, Nelly read them a bedtime story and then it was off to sleep for them. Then the feast began, with everything Phillipe bought at Massis Bleue earlier in the day.
   My God, there was dolma's. There was hommus, a bowl of tahini, freshly heated Middle Eastern bread, and from the gastronomically experimental mind of Camille, a spicy Soujouk sausage from Turkey. There was prosciutto, there was tarama... you name it and it was there and the best part was that Sophie didn't have to do any cooking.

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