Day 13    

  The air reservation was done through a string of travel agencies and we noticed in their literature the car rental prices were far below the official prices from the rental companies so we stopped at a little agency office to see what could be done.
  If you read French then check the site of Voyages Wastells. There's no mention of car rentals but you can get a list of offices, walk into any one of them and get it done right on the spot.

  It was one tiny little office with one woman, one computer and one telephone. She made one phone call, got us a great price and wham, bam, bingo, it was all done.
  That night Nathalie and her sister Isabelle came over for a simple dinner of: Cidre Doux, Salad and sweet crepes. Homemade crepes (it's in the "Recipes" section) filled with various sweet fillings


Discounted Rooms

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