Day 13: 66F/19C predicted    

  Most of the day was spent finalizing air tickets to Rome and a car rental from Lyon for the next part of the trip. When in Seattle, a friend in Paris made a deposit for a flight to Rome but when the time came to pay for the tickets we found out that the deposit only locks in a seat, not a price.
   If I wanted to rent a car from Paris the woman would have been able to give me a quote right away, but for a reservation computer in France's largest city to talk to the second largest city, well that was impossible. So she called Lyon. She called twice and the line was always busy.

  Making a reservation for a car was a real joke. We went downstairs at Gare du Nord to the string of agencies and spoke to National to find a quote for a small car, picking it up in Lyon.
 The Thalys, high speed train to Brussels

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

  It was very interesting, they did have two computers but for some unknown reason the terminals in Paris have no way of finding a price for a car in Lyon.
  She suggested that I call on my own time and just keep trying until I got through. Somehow I have the feeling that National car rental in Lyon does their business using a pay phone outside.

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