Day 11    

  A woman who's a journalist for the Financial Times had some interesting things to say about mismanagement there, mainly that it was being run by the accountants so that the short term stock price was looking good but to the detriment of journalism and the real content.
 Portrait of a dinner guest

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  She had an interesting opinion about French Web sites, in that they're over designed and take far too long to load. When she wants to do some research she just hits the US sites because they're well made and highlight functionality so she can get things done quickly.

   It seems everyone had been to Egypt so there were many stories and photos to pass around.
   One interesting thing is that there's a Club Med on an island in the middle of the Nile, but it's unlike the other ones in that you can go there to actually relax and enjoy yourself instead of having the equivalent of a camp counselor lead you in Arts/Crafts or stupid little, invented games to pass the time.
   The food was fantastic and from Paris an entire week including airfare ran about $600.00 USD.

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