Day 11    

  Our host, Salah made a tagine with fish, green beans & mushrooms topped with whole, shelled almonds and gently sautéed apples
Salah creating a 5 star meal in a tiny kitchen

Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji

  Now Salah has a good sized apartment but the kitchen always seemed small to me. Not to mention that the orange color would, a few years back, in the morning, assualt my eyes.

   You see where the pot is? Behind it is the tagine dish and they're all sitting on the one stove or burner in the whole damn place.
   Beneath the two burners is the refridgerator and he somehow managed to fit a washing machine in the kitchen too.

   Of course you can find a machine that's 11 cm wide but still, it makes a tight fight if two people are cooking.

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