Day 11    

  We took a walk along the Bld. Beaumarchais where you'll find the camera store district. We walked into the first Nikon shop we saw, the fellow took a look inside my N90s, removed one part and explained that it was missing two springs and a new back would cost between 200-250 Francs (about $41 USD).
  A repair man stopped what he was doing, took one look at my camera back, took a part from another back he had in stock, attached it with two screws, cleaned the pressure plate, the outside and said "Pay whatever you want to. Enough for a café " I left him with 50 Francs, about 8 bucks, I was a happy camper and the whole thing took and cost less than a trip to the grocery store.

  He didn't have one in stock so he sent us down the street where I found the best Nikon repair outside of Nikon Professional Services.
  They're all former Nikon factory technicians so you can trust your goods to them. Tell 'em I sent you, they won't have any idea who I am but might hit you up for another café and shake your hand for a quick repair:

  Believe me, if your Nikon is sick or fighting with you, visit Le Reflexe Photo at 89 Bld Beaumarchais.
Le Reflexe Photo
89 Bld Beaumarchais
75003 Paris
Metro: Chemin Vert
Monday-Friday: 9-12 / 1-7 PM
Saturday: 10-12 / 2-5 PM

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