Day 10    

  Anne-Laure's cat, Nemo has an interesting habit of opening the little refrigerator while we're gone.
  It seemed to frustrate Nemo until I took a nap one day and found the door open again and a very fine cheese on the floor.

  I thought the little guy was only doing it while we were gone until I went into the kitchen one day and saw his butt sticking out of the door, his tail slowly wafting back and forth in a state of kitty bliss. He'll break and enter while you're at home!
  If an average sized cat can move a 1 litre container of water then that's one strong kitty and I have no idea what to try next. Maybe I'll try giving up.

  To help solve the problem I filled an empty 1.5 litre ice tea container with about 1 litre of water and put that in front of the door. 1 litre of water should weigh enough for his little paws.

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

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