Day 10: 70F/21C predicted    

  For some reason, from the moment I got up and all day long my nose has been draining. Not to complain but we have more grasses, flowers and trees nearby in Seattle and I've never had a problem, so I'm wondering if it really is spring allergies, the pollution orů? At any rate, it seems that my head is leaking.
  Outdoor table service
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

  Everyone at home drinks their morning coffee or tea out of a bowl and I've determined that for a drip coffee maker, filling the carafe to the 8 cup level equals roughly 3 bowls. Make a note.
  We walked to the string of camera stores nearby but thinking they're museums, they were closed on Mondays. It's either wait till tomorrow or call NPS.

Discounted Rooms

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