Day 9    

  Jean has a spiffy AMD K-6 300Mhz he built himself, complete with a CD-ROM, DVD drive, 80 Megs of RAM, a flatbed scanner and a color inkjet printer. The guy has enough technology to run a small country.
  Jean with his homemade computer
Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji

 Now France is an international country with folks from all over the world but Zeinab has run into some work discrimation for the simple reason that she used her Lebanese name.
 So simply she choose another name from a story she enjoyed as a young girl in the Middle East, Virginie. That sounded French enough, her French was perfect, she was white enough and after that she had no problem finding a job.

Portrait of Zeniab

Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji
  That caught me a little off guard but the refreshing thing about it was that she didn't really mind. Her take on it was "hey, this is reality" and that wasn't too bad in my book.  >>

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