Day 9: 75F/24C predicted    

  We took a 25 minute ride on the RER train to the suburbs to visit a college friend of Nelly's, Zeinab, her husband Jean and their 4 year old son.

   Zeinab is from Lebanon and Jean is from Algeria so they enjoy talking about politics.

  It was a little surprising to be asked twice why the US supports Israel.

   The first time around I said that I didn't know. The 2nd time around I looked Zeinab straight in the eye and asked if she wanted to know the real truth and she was up for it.

portrait of Zeinab
Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji

  I told her that there's few secrets the Goverment tells me but the one thing they do tell me is how much I owe the IRS. It sank in, she smiled and started laughing and then we started dinner.

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