Day 8    

  There was one saving grace, Nelly had brought along her Olympus Point and Shoot and I could confiscate, Ahem... borrow it.
  I'm a member of Nikon Professional Services, they loan almost any damn thing Nikon makes so I could give them a call and see what's available. They also do rush repairs, so that was another option.

As the saying goes: "A good craftsman never blames his tools" and I wasn't about to start.

  Any pro can pick up a $4.95 Diana made of plastic and create a piece of art that you'd be happy to run in your next National ad campaign.
  So it was wait till Monday, give NPS a call and see what we could swing. In the meantime Nelly would let me use her Olympus. I still had a camera available to me so it wasn't all doom and gloom.

   Besides, that's one of the big attractions of traveling for me. Plan it all out, watch it fall apart and then deal with it.

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