Day 8    

  Champagne Heidsieck & Co Monopole, "Blue Top", brut
potato chips & pistachios.
  Microwaved salmon with hollandaise sauce made in Le Saucier, a home appliance who's only function is to create sauces.
Green beans
Bread and cheeses
Paris Brest cake for dessert

  Then it was onto dinner:
Cantaloupe from Morocco
1998 Bourgogne Aligote'
Margaux de signac

  1997 Chateau LaGrave Bechade cotes de duras, Sauvignon
The Fridge question
   When I asked Sophie and Phillipe what they thought about the refrigerator question the answer was: Colder at the top! Then something startling happened as I opened their fridge.

   Inside I saw a cooling element and below that was a V shape in the plastic, to drain the condensation. Before it was just a wacky question but now things were starting to get interesting, and getting interesting fast.

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