Day 8    

  The kids were a blast. After modeling his Batman outfit for us Richard brought a few of his toys out to show me, one by one.
A 4 year old Frenchman with his champagne

A Frenchman in training with his Champagne.
Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji

  Naturally, the logic of a 4 year old meant that we both spoke the same langauge so he'd show me an action figure or a rocket ship, explaining in detail that this guy wasn't too nice but if you moved his arm like this, then he could launch a missle or something.
  It wasn't long before he told me everything there was to say and he wandered back to his room.

  He just yammered on about what the toy did, who the guy was, told me every little story he'd made up in his own mind and I'd just sit there, say "oui", "Ohhh" and "Ahhh" and every once in awhile nod my head.
  After the kids ate, had a bedtime story and went to sleep then we moved on to the night's menu which went something like this...

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