Day 8    

Cafe Waiter
Camera: jammed Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
Let's see, I'm 1 week into a 9 week trip.

   I have 3 pieces of luggage. One suitcase, a laptop and a camera bag with 1 body and lenses ranging from 20mm to 300mm.

   I brought 60 rolls of film with me. Yup, I was screwed.

  It wasn't as if I was in the Gobi desert or in jail with a new wife named Mongo, I was in Paris.

   It turns out the camera body jammed right after this shot. Hmm, this is not good. Nope, no good at all.

  So if you're going to get screwed do whatever it takes to be in Paris. It helps the edge off things.

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