Day 8:    

  We're going to stay at a friends place in Chatou and he took us out for lunch for some couscous. I ordered the beef and merguez sausages which was great. The beef was boring but the couscous and the vegetables to put over it were really tasty as were the sausages.
  Everyone rolled in and it wasn't long before a tray appeared with potato chips, pistachio's and champagne flutes for the adults and tiny, little glasses for the kids. Phillipe opened a bottle and the kids were ready to go right away but had to be told to wait untill we all toasted each other and then the night officially got underway!

  In the afternoon we went to meet Sophie after she got off work. She's the mother of Nelly's Godson, Richard. We rode a bus their place, about a 5 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and I stayed to write a bit while they went to the Ecole Maternelle to pick up Richard, aged 4 and his sister Camille, aged 5.
Having a drink with Batman

Camera: Olympus   film: Fuji

  Outside the school they met up with their Dad, Phillipe and one of the first questions little Richard asked was if he could have a little taste of champagne when he got home. Ah hah, I think something was up!
  There's nothing like having a little sip of champagne with Batman.

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