Day 8: 68F/20C predicted    

  We were wandering down some back streets in the 6th and decided to stop at a cafe for something to drink.

  It was interesting because we were in a little booth and there were about 8-9 people spread out at some tables behind us and I keep hearing words like "Internet" "sur le Web" and "Amazon" so naturally my ears perked up a little, hoping to learn a thing or two.
Disaster Strikes!
  For some reason my trusty Nikon N90s thought it would go for a walk but since it didn't have legs or proper shoes, it ended up doing a somersault off the cafes tile floor.

  While this wasn't quite as bad as dropping it in salt water, I was not a happy camper. I turned every damn switch and button I could think of, both on and off and also made sure that it still could focus. It was alive!

  It turns out it was a group of people who worked at different publishers nearby and they were having a discussion about how the Web is changing the distribution and the very face of publishing itself. Then something unexpected happened.
  We paid our bill and I asked the waiter if I could take his portrait. What a great looking waiter, a seasoned pro by anyone's standards.

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