Day 7    

  So what's this magic sauce called? He dubbed it "Sauce aux Piments Antillais" because it uses spices from the Caribbian.
  On the balcony you could see the hospital accross the street and Sebastien explained that the blank wall with no windows and only a billboard was the morgue. That was fitting since they were advertising Men in Black.

  I was lucky enough to coax the recipe out of him but I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart. If you want just ask and I'll put it on the site.
  At one point I saw Sebastien sit down at the table and rest his head on his hand. Next thing I knew Edwige slapped the table with hand and yelled in French...

  We arrived around 9 in the evening, ate dinner, occasionally walked out on the balcony and the evening sky was so clear that you could see the stars.
  "Sebastien, wake up. I don't like it when you fall asleep when we have guests!!! ". Geez, she had enough pep in her to wake us all up and we had a good laugh. The time passed so quickly we didn't even notice it was 3 AM until when we left.

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