Day 7: 71F/22C predicted    

  The highlight of the day was dinner at a University friend of Nelly's, Sebastien who's originally from the Congo.
  Sebastian, host and chef
Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak

  His 2 year old son has the chicken pox so he was staying with a cousin in the suburbs and his Mom, Edwige was visiting him when we arrived.

  It wasn't long before Sebastien brought out some bananas cooked African style, bread and an amazing dish of lamb cooked with bacon and apples.
   The custom in Africa being that an empty glass is bad luck. That and he's a professor at a school devoted to the hotel and restaurant business so we're talking about 2 mistakes.

  He passed around his own hot sauce which set Anne-Laure and Nelly's mouths on fire. In fact Anne-Laure's lips were burning.

   Edwige arrived and the conversation cranked up a notch. They're a lovely couple, at one point she admonished Sebastien that he let my glass empty and that he didn't know how to serve people.

  The truth being, it was a pretty darn good sauce but I have a theory as to why the girls didn't like it.


Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak

Like everyone who learns to eat a jalapeno, there's a certain way to do it. In the land of delicate sauces they want to savor everything on their tongue and lips and that doesn't quite work with liquid Solar Plasma.

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