Day 6: 63F/17C predicted    

  We hopped the bus to Montparnasse to drop off some color negative and slide film at FNAC and took a look at computer and camera prices.
  Wandering around the neighborhood we found the Hotel des Bains I stayed at 6 years ago. Nelly bought two used books just a few doors down the street for a grand total of 20 Francs.

  Then the first bad café experience. I had an overpriced mineral water (23 F) at l'Atlantique near Gare Montparnasse and was amazed to see that they have Turkish style toilets. Four bucks for a dinky mineral water and having to piss in what amounts to a shower stall. Avoid it at all costs.
  On the way back we stopped just before the super market closed to get a 1.5 litre bottle of peach flavored Lipton ice tea, some yogurt and 4 eggs in a clear plastic carton. For some reason Peach tea is all the rage. The other interesting thing is that if you want 4 eggs, 6, maybe 12, they're all in nice neat packages.

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