Day 4: 77F/25C predicted    

  There's something I didn't tell you about. As all couples do, Nelly and I got into a discussion while in Seattle, about some odd topic, for some strange reason which turned into a comparison of French and American culture. What was it?
  When we first arrived and folks showed up for that amazing party the overwhelming answer was: Colder at the top!

The Refrigerator Question:
  What we disagreed about was simple: Is it colder at the top or the bottom of a fridge? She said it was top since that's where you put your eggs, butter and milk.
Colder at the top or the bottom?
  Now there's a couple of theories to support this. The first being that the butter and eggs go up top, so it has to be colder there.
  I thought it was at the bottom, quoting the laws of physics. While many things in France are different, with a touch more flavor, a little more panache, I somehow doubted that French refrigerators defied the laws of physics so I decided to ask around at any fete I happened to be at.
   The other theory is that since the freezer is up top, it's colder there. But what about a fridge that has the freezer at the bottom? Well that one confused a few people.
   Me, I'm gonna ask everyone I see and report back.

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