Day 3    

  Since it was near the top floor he opened the old French windows (he'd just installed a new double window weighing 150 kilos, imagine carrying that up 5 flights of stairs in a huge box) and we all went out to the balcony which spanned the two windows of the two rooms to admire the view, look at the traffic and enjoy the nights breeze.
  At 12:30 PM we made a hasty retreat so we could catch the last Metro train from Chateau Rouge. We transferred at Strasbourg St. Denis, running up stairs, down another flight, jogging down a tunnel and down more stairs with other late night travelers avoiding each other like pinball's, looking for that last train home.
Then we went downstairs, walked a few blocks to Salah's where Theirry is staying till the new place is done. So it was up another 5 flights of stairs to toast his new abode with a bottle of champagne by the light of a single candle.
Anne-Laure was at the end of the tunnel just in time to see a train pulling away. We stood there on the platform, talking to a woman and waiting to hear the announcement over the PA system to see if we had to walk home but we were in luck, another 10 minutes wait and we made the last train of the night.  >>

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