Day 3    

  After a short nap, I poured some coffee down my throat using the traditional bowl and Anne-Laure heated up a few crepes we'd bought at the market earlier. Then it was off to see Thierry's new apartment he'd just bought.
  By Paris standards the new place was quite spacious. He and his friend Salah had just finished moving one wall and creating another one for a shower. Since he just bought it the renovation was in full swing.

  We climbed 5 stories up a winding staircase to find him at the landing waiting for us. I have no idea why, but for some reason he always lives on the 5th floor. Go figure.

The Muscles from Brussels plays a Frenchman
  The whole place had tools all over, a work table in one room, a sink in the bedroom, the bathtub was removed, sitting on end waiting to go downstairs and there was a single, bare lightbulb that he rigged up just for us so that we could take a look around.

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