Day 2    

   The other thing you need to know is that you have to write the Carte Orange number on the re-usable ticket. Very handy if the mag stripe goes bad as it did on me. They won't replace it otherwise.

   The other thing is that Metro fares generally rise on July 1st, just before you arrive.
Easy to find and ride, the Metro
  Walking down the sidewalk she all of a sudden stopped at a box on the sidewalk, it turned out to be an elevator for a parking garage. Parking is interesting because you don't see any garages sprouting from the landscape, they're all underground. She swiped her keycard in the elevator and we went down 6 stories.

  A weekly Carte Orange is valid starting Monday morning so you can buy it Sunday night and be ready to go when you get up. Since we were holding monthly passes, 1 day early, we got a Carnet of 10 Metro tickets for 40+ Francs and Metro'd our way to the stop Victor Hugo to meet Nellys childhood friend, Lila after work.

  It was a short ride to the Monoprix in her neighborhood where we did our shopping. Lila was standing in line for the butcher because she wanted to make a certain kind of steak with rice for dinner. In a display case Nelly picked up a package of two meat patties with a ribbed surface to explain we were having steak hache and asked me what we called it.

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