Day 2    

  After a little grocery shopping and a light lunch we walked to the area of Les Halles to change some dollars and then sat in the afternoon sun at an outdoor café for a drink and a bit of people watching.

  Since we'll be moving to a friends apartment on the outskirts for two weeks, we bought a Carte Orange for 4 Zones, valid for a month, for 446 Francs which brings us to one of the mysteries of Public Transportation, what to buy and how to use it.

Carte Orange

  If you're staying for a week or more, the Carte Orange is a great deal that lets you travel freely on the Metro and bus system. No matter what you buy, Zones 1-2 cover most of Paris and is usually all you need.

  Of course the one thing they never tell you is that when you ride a bus you show the Carte Orange to the driver and never put the ticket into the fare box since that'll invalidate the mag stripe and then you end up being just another statistic.

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