Day 1    

  We caught a nap in the afternoon and then people started arriving for a little feté. Anne-Laure was lucky enough to have expanded her apartment when a neighbor moved but still, fitting 8 guests into a living room of about 14-15 sq. meters means bringing out the folding chairs.
Too much fun

Every party has someone who has too much fun.

Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak

  Gads, talk about a party. First we started with a red wine, a Minervois with marinated pickles, cocktail onions and feta marinated with herbs followed by some tortilla chips and packaged guacamole.

   Then out of the oven came the gougere, small, delicate baked goods. Those went fairly fast so next it was time for a white wine - a Macon, plates of smoked salmon from Norway and Blinis from a package.
  Then it was back to a red wine to accompany the salad and quiche that Elizabeth and Nathalie had brought.

   Since that clearly wasn't enough we forged on with the reds, a choice of a Bordeaux or a Vacqueras and a plate of cheeses: camembert, a comte', some cabecou, and a lou perac.

  Almost like a pancake, they're wonderful and you'll have to try them next time you see 'em.
 Of course you've seen the French air kiss each other when saying hello or goodbye. It also happens when saying Good Night or Good Morning and the number of kisses varies between 2, 3 or 4.

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